Webinar series

Listening to our podcast is nice, but not enough for you? You are in luck!

In addition to the podcast series, we are organizing a series of eight online events, targeting young Europeans aged 18-35. Enter the dialogue with us and our invited experts. We are keen to hear your questions, suggestions and ideas and discuss them together.

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Webinar 8:  

Bringing creativity and beauty to Europe's green transition 

24 January 2024

In this webinar,  we looked at the New European Bauhaus Initiative and discussed how the EU can integrate science, technology, art, culture and community participation to enhance sustainability in the European Union. 

Two expert guests joined us for the webinar. Alina Ujupan is part of the team behind the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus Initiative. Edouard Cabay is the winner of a recent New European Bauhaus prize for Spain’s first 3D-printed building using earth.

Webinar 7:  

From packaging to microplastics: unwrapping EU and international plastics policy

29 November 2023

 Since we learned how to produce plastic, humans have manufactured more than 8.3 billion tonnes of it. Most of it became global waste, leading to pollution in landscapes, rivers, and oceans. 

In this webinar, Hosts Ricarda Faber and Aaron Best (Ecologic Institute) discussed how to tackle the plastic crisis and explored EU policy & global negotiations on the first binding instrument against plastic pollution with expert guests Doris Knoblauch (Ecologic Institute) and Kristian Syberg (Roskilde University).   

Webinar 6:  

Europe’s energy transition – rolling out renewables and infrastructure

23 October 2023

Major market shifts, policy events and technological developments have made renewable energy one of the most exciting facets of achieving sustainability in Europe.

In this webinar,  hosts Ricarda Faber and Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute discussed the EU’s shift to renewables with our two expert guests, Johan Lilliestam (Friedrich-Alexander University) and Katharina Umpfenbach (German Energy Agency (DENA)).  

Webinar 5:  

Nature Restoration Law: restoring Europe’s ecosystems and protecting biodiversity

28 June 2023

What can be done to restore ecosystems and protect biodiversity in the EU, where more than 80% of habitats are now in a bad or poor conservation status?

In our latest webinar, hosts Ricarda Faber and Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute discussed the Nature Restoration Law with our two expert guests, Humberto Delgado Rosa (DG Environment Director for Biodiversity) and Sabien Leemans (Senior Biodiversity Policy Officer for WWF). 

Webinar 4:  

Financing Europe's green transition - the EU Taxonomy Regulation

27 April 2023

How do we classify which investments are the right ones to power the transition to a climate and nature-friendly economy?


On 27 April 2023, our webinar hosts Ewa Iwaszuk and Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute met expert guests Sarah Lokman, Head of Sustainability at Greenomy, and Ben Allen, Research Director at IEEP. Together, they discussed how the EU Taxonomy Regulation can help make investments sustainable.

Webinar 3:  

The EU's carbon-neutral future: Achieving net zero by 2050

06 March 2023

The overarching goal of the European Green Deal is for Europe to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent.  


On 6 March 2023, participants joined webinar hosts Ewa Iwaszuk and Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute and their expert guests Claire Dupont, Professor, Department of Public Governance and Management, Ghent University and Matthias Duwe, Head, Climate at Ecologic Institute. 

Together, they discussed the central role that climate policy plays in the European Green Deal and explored how policy can spur innovation and reduce net emissions to zero in the European Union.

Webinar 2:  

Farm to Fork: feeding a continent without wrecking a planet

01 February 2023

 Europe faces serious problems related to food production and consumption. The challenges of food security, food waste, access to healthy diets and the environmental footprint of food production are closely interrelated. To address them, the European Union has put forward “Farm to fork”, a strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system. 

On 1 February, participants entered the dialogue with the webinar hosts Ewa Iwaszuk and Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute and their expert guests  Lukas Visek, a member of cabinet of Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission for the European Green Deal, and responsible for the „Farm to fork“ strategy, and Faustine Bas-Defossez, Director for Nature, Health and Environment at the European Environmental Bureau. 

Webinar 1:  Green Deal - Big Deal for youth?

21 November 2022

Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) described the European Green Deal as "Europe's man-on-the-moon moment". With this plan, the European Union aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, protect and enhance nature, and sustainably transform the European economy and society. But what exactly is the European Green Deal and what role does it play for young people and future generations? 

On 21 November 2022, Ecologic Institute kick-started a new webinar series for young people in Europe. Participants entered the dialogue with the webinar hosts Ewa Iwaszuk and Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute and their expert guests Adam Wallin from We Don’t Have Time and Stefan De Keersmaecker, Coordinating Spokesperson for the European Green Deal from the European Commission to discuss what the European Green Deal means for young people in Europe.