Episode 6

From packaging to microplastics: unwrapping EU plastics policies

Since we learned how to produce plastic, humans have manufactured more than 8.3 billion tons of it – most of which ended up as a waste product, somewhere on the planet. This leads plastic waste to enter the landscape, rivers, beaches, and eventually ocean. We asked our listeners what, in their opinion, is the issue with plastic pollution. The answers ranged from negative impacts on human health and the environment to lack of recycling infrastructure and the global dimension of the plastics problem. 

So how can we possibly address a problem of this size? In the latest “Green Deal – Big Deal?” podcast episode, the host Ewa Iwaszuk and a guest co-host Linda Mederake from Ecologic Institute try to get to the bottom of the problem of plastic pollution, together with their interview guests Frieder Rubik (Institute for Ecological Economic Research) and Jean-Pierre Schweitzer (European Environmental Bureau) who share interesting information and perspectives regarding plastic pollution.

We discuss the European Green Deal policies on plastics but also business models and strategies that could move us closer towards a low-waste, circular economy. The episode breaks down the difference between bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics and we learn about some non-obvious ways through which microplastics end up in the environment. The episode also asks what role – if any - consumer choices can play in addressing the problem. 

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