Food production is a sector completely dependent on healthy environment and predictable climatic conditions. At the same time, modern agriculture is among the major contributors to climate and biodiversity crises. From food production to consumption, Europe is facing a number of serious social and environmental problems all connected with each other in many ways. To address challenges such as food security, food waste, access to healthy diets and the environmental footprint of food production, the European Union put forward “Farm to fork”, a strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

In the most recent episode of the “Green Deal—Big Deal?” podcast we ask our expert guests about the food systems approach adopted by the “Farm to fork” strategy and investigate how the strategy will impact producers, consumers and the global food markets. We discuss strategies to address food waste and explore why meat is a politically sensitive topic.

Our guests are Lukas Visek, a member of cabinet of Frans Timmermans - the vice president of the European Commission responsible for leading the Commission's work on European Green Deal - responsible for the „Farm to fork“ strategy and Stephanie Wunder, a Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute and a leading expert in the field of transformation to sustainable food systems and sustainable land use practices.

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Farm to fork strategy

European Commission's information portal on the "Farm to fork" strategy

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