To achieve the EU's goals, we need to rethink mobility from the ground up. This involves many aspects, including electric mobility, walking, cycling and public transport. The second episode of the “Green Deal – Big Deal?” podcast examines the challenges and issues that the mobility transformation needs to address, including environmental problems like climate change and air pollution. A special focus is on electrification and batteries, which are central to the mobility transformation.

Katarzyna Sobótka-Demianowska (CLARITAS Investments) provides her input on the topic from the view of the private sector. Katarzyna has been involved in the e-mobility sector from different angles, both those of the technology provider and charging point operators. She was responsible for building up the infrastructure for fast charging at petrol stations in Poland. We discuss with her what such a huge e-mobility transition means for different businesses, such as car manufacturers or battery-related businesses in Europe and beyond.

With Kerstin Meyer (Agora Verkehrswende), we pivot from the private sector to policy. Kerstin will explain to us what role the European Green Deal plays in the mobility transformation. We’ll talk about electric vehicles and their contribution to the decarbonisation of transport systems, as well as the development of charging infrastructure in Europe.

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